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Occupation Watch

Published 2003
Topics Iraq, Middle East, War

In the aftermath of the Iraq War of 2003 a coalition of peace and social justice groups saw the need to form a center that, in partnership with Iraqi civil society, would keep track of the US occupation of Iraq. This piece is an effort to show a Western audience the realities on the ground in Iraq and to show the need for a center within Iraq that could provide them with ongoing information to be able to critically evaluate the occupation.

This piece is made up of footage collected by two members of founding group Code Pink, Medea Benjamin and Gael Murphy, as they travel with Nermin Al-Mufti and Iman Khamas in 2003. They talk with angry Iraqis in the street, cautious academics in cafes, enterpeneurs providing do-it-yourself electricity to their neighborhood, US soldiers on patrol, an economist describing the sell off of infrastructure to foreign companies. We see protests by women's groups for security, weeping families describing deaths of loved ones, open sewers, bombed out buildings and long gas lines.

(c) Code Pink

Run time 43min
Producer Medea Benjamin
Production Company Alchymedia
Audio/Visual sound, color
Contact Information


Executive Producer ... Medea Benjamin
Edited by ... Chris Belcher, Alan Bushnell, Brian Drolet, Gael Murphy
Camera ... Gael Murphy, Occupation Watch Baghdad
Effects ... Robin Bell
Music ... Peter Van Allen Jr.


Reviewer: USABG58 - - July 9, 2011
Subject: Naive
If there hadn't of been such a insurgency, we'd been out of there long ago. Why be insurgents against a force that, though unwelcome, got rid of Saddam Hussein? If I was a German in 1944 and Allied troops wanted to come in and invade my Germany and kill Adolph, I sure as hell wouldn't join an insurgency to fight the invaders. Even though they invaded my county, they were welcome to kill the despot. This is something leftists never consider or admit to. They're too naive. Big heart, small brain.
Reviewer: splue - - March 26, 2011
Subject: time to take a dump on iraq
after we get our guys out
Reviewer: TRUMA RECORDS - - December 19, 2008
Subject: Sad sad sad
I saw this video and I just fill very sad. The terror that american governors said is the terror that they make with the people around the word. Stop it. Leave the iraquians free of this and leave them live your lives free. The occupation is antidemocratic, antihumanist, antidiplomatic. Is terror. Just institucional terrorism. The people in Iraq donĀ“t deserve this. Congratulations to the group who made this video.
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on 2/18/2005